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Noise is omnipresent in the modern world. Protecting yourself from it is not only a question of peace and quiet, but also of health. Persistent noise pollution can put a strain on the body and can also damage hearing. When you buy hearing protection from KIND, you have an extensive range of products to choose from. You can rely on our employees to provide you with expert and transparent advice. So that you get the best solution for your needs.

Professional service at KIND

We work with you to determine the optimum protection and adapt it to your hearing. We will also be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable filter systems. Our advice is free of charge as usual with KIND.

Standard hearing protection

Immediately available protection for your ears

Our hearing protection products include attractive and high-quality standard hearing protection solutions. This ensures that your hearing remains safely protected in a wide variety of situations. They are immediately available in our KIND specialist stores so that you can quickly purchase the different types of safe hearing protection.

Your advantages of standard hearing protection

  • For every occasion
  • Fits in every ear
  • Quickly available
Why hearing protection is so important

It is not only obvious noise pollution like aircraft noise, sirens or a loud rock concert that can damage our hearing. Frequently, persistent noises that are not initially perceived as too loud also lead to hearing damage in the long term. It is especially important to seek advice from an expert about the right hearing protection for you. Problem areas include workplaces with high noise exposure, but also leisure activities and hobbies that are associated with loud noises - such as shooting and DIY.

In addition, hearing protection helps people to relax so that they can fall asleep and sleep through the night undisturbed. Hearing protection is also helpful when learning, as you are less distracted.

At KIND, we offer solutions that suit your individual needs to protect your hearing. From fully customised to ready-to-wear hearing protectors, we help you to choose the correct and proper hearing protector that will work in the environment that you are exposed to.

Individual hearing protection

Customized for your ears

Depending on your needs, you can choose from various solutions that effectively protect your hearing from moisture or harmful noise. An impression of your ear is the basis for perfect fit with high wearing comfort. This ensures that your hearing protection fits perfectly. Some models can be made of either soft silicone (high comfort) or hard acrylic (easy to clean, particularly hygienic).

Your benefit from individual hearing protection

  • Customized for your ears
  • Perfect fit and hold even when worn for long periods
  • Optimum cushioning
  • Long-term usability
How the KIND consultation works when you buy hearing protection

At KIND, you can quickly and easily obtain hearing protection that exactly meets your requirements. The basis for this is free advice:

  • Visit one of our KIND specialist stores in Singapore. The KIND hearing care professional will discuss your hearing protection requirements with you and inform you about the product options. Cost transparency is an essential part of this. We want to offer you the best possible care when you buy hearing protection. If necessary, we will also carry out a free hearing test.
  • Standard hearing protection solutions are available immediately. If you choose customized hearing protection, the KIND hearing care professional will take a custom impression of your ear canal. The ear impression allows the hearing protection to be fitted perfectly. You can pick up your customized hearing protection after a few days. You will receive comprehensive advice on correct use and optimum care when you collect your hearing protection.

Hearing protection for children

For children and babies

You can buy hearing protection for these applications from KIND

  • Workplace: Effective hearing protection is particularly important here and is required by law in noisy environments. Hearing protection is therefore often provided by the employer. Due to individual requirements, for example, wearing comfort and optimum fit, it can also make sense to provide your own.
  • Flying: Hearing protection should fulfil two functions when flying. In addition to the ambient noise from aircraft engines and other passengers, which should be muffled, many people also suffer from the pressure difference during take-off and landing. Special hearing protection filters compensate for the pressure equalization in the aircraft cabin.
  • DIY: Anyone who drills, hammers, or saws a lot in their free time puts their hearing under strain, especially with noise in high frequency ranges. Even regular exposure of just a few minutes can lead to gradual damage to your hearing. This can be prevented with good hearing protection.
  • Concerts and events: Rock concerts are often very loud, more than 100 decibels (dB) is not unusual. The challenge here is to reduce the volume load on the ear without impairing the sound by suppressing certain frequencies. This can be avoided with special filters. The sound is quieter, but clear and not muffled.
  • Motorsport: Roaring engines are part of motorcycle, car, and kart racing. This puts a strain on the hearing of drivers and spectators. Those who ride motorcycles themselves and want to reduce exposure to driving noise are also well advised to wear hearing protection. The hearing protection mustn`t also suppress the sounds by which you recognize dangerous situations, for example sirens or horns.
  • Shooting and hunting: Shots from hunting and sporting weapons generate sudden, extreme volume levels, so-called impulse noise. As hearing protection is often worn for long periods, especially when hunting, it must be comfortable to wear.
  • Sleeping: Many people are light sleepers and are woken up by noises. Sometimes even the ticking of an alarm clock prevents them from falling asleep. As hearing protection is worn throughout the night, it should be comfortable to wear while remaining securely in place.
  • Learning: Quiet helps with concentration. Comfortable hearing protection can help here - at home as well as in classrooms and seminar rooms.
  • Swimming: Some people simply find water in the ear canal unpleasant, others need to be careful due to a tendency to middle ear infections. If tympanostomy tubes have been inserted by an ENT specialist to drain secretions from the middle ear, earplugs are advisable when swimming. Otherwise, the warm, moist area of the external auditory canal provides good conditions for increased germ formation. The germs can then enter the middle ear via the tubes. The earplugs should therefore also be worn when showering.

Hearing protection for children

Your child wants to go to an open-air concert or motorsport race - hearing protection is important because children's hearing is particularly sensitive. When swimming, ear protection can prevent water from building up in the ear canal. Young children in particular don't understand that this build-up usually disappears quickly and become frightened. Such protection may also be necessary when swimming for medical reasons, such as frequent middle ear infections and inserted tympanostomy tubes. Hearing protection helps schoolchildren to learn undisturbed. If you want to buy hearing protection for your child, a KIND expert will provide you with competent advice and an overview of the possible solutions.

Use in everyday life

If you use your hearing protection in everyday life, you may notice that there is room for improvement. Talk to your KIND hearing care professional about available upgrade options and additional filter strengths. You can also have your hearing protection checked and professionally cleaned at KIND.

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