Online Hearing Test: check your Hearing for free!

You will need speakers or headphones to perform the test. Test result in just 3 minutes

Test result in just 3 minutes


This is what the online hearing test offers you:

  • A short, uncomplicated test procedure
  • A first impression of your hearing ability
  • A detailed evaluation of your test
  • our KIND recommendation for your next steps


Online hearing test: The first check for good hearing

What is the state of your hearing? Our hearing test, which can be performed online free of charge, will give you a first impression. It is important to know: The online hearing test is a very good basis, but it cannot determine your hearing ability exactly. This can only be done by a professional hearing test in a hearing studio, e.g. at one of our expert KIND hearing care professionals. So, if your online hearing test result indicates limited hearing, we recommend a visit to one of our KIND stores.


What is needed for the test?

During your online hearing test, ensure a quiet environment without distracting background noise. We recommend that you perform the test with closed headphones that sit on your ears and provide good sound. Adjust the volume according to the instructions at the beginning of the online hearing test.


How does the online hearing test work?

First, a short briefing is given and the online hearing test at KIND begins directly. After a frequency, you will be asked a question about the content you heard, which you can answer to the best of your knowledge. In the course of the test, your hearing ability will be tested in different ways. Once the hearing test is completed, you will immediately receive the detailed result. In case of a possible hearing loss, we will give you a recommendation for the next steps.     


Can I take the test without headphones?

If you are unable to comply with our recommendation to use headphones, you can also perform the online hearing test without headphones. Thanks to the use of the signal-to-noise ratio, you simply connect a speaker and can complete your online hearing test.

Take the hearing test at regular intervals to stay up to date on the status of your hearing. You can make an appointment with one of our hearing care professionals here.

The quickest way to better hearing.