107 years old

Our oldest client comes from Singapore

At the age of 107, Mr. Cheng Chin Wong is the happy owner of his first KIND hearing aid! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce who is certainly the oldest KIND client.

Mr. Cheng Chin Wong was born in 1915 in the Chinese island province of Hainan Island Province, then moved with his wife and three children to Singapore in 1949 to give the young family a better life.
He worked in the lumberyard all his life, and was promoted to keeping the accounts for his employer because he was good with the Chinese calculating tool, the abacus. He retired at the age of 70 years old.

Mr. Cheng leads a simple life and treasures the dignity of hard work. His son, Andrew, 73, remembers that his father would leave for work at first light and returned at dusk every day. His quiet demeanour, stoic reluctance to speak ill of his neighbours and his love for people are character traits that Andrew admires most about his father. Mr. Cheng remains an active volunteer, held several committee roles and is an honourary member of the Qionghai Village Association in Singapore. The key objective of the Association today is to award scholarships for needy students in Hainan and in Singapore.


Mr. Cheng, 107 years, is the oldest active client for KIND. He has a sensorineural hearing loss, moderate with severe drop at high frequencies and was fitted with a pair KINDvitalo in March 2022. Andrew first noticed the volume of the TV getting increasingly louder and everyone beginning to repeat themselves more often about 2 years ago. Everyone in the family “complained bitterly” that this cannot go on untreated. He found KIND from the internet and was happy with the genuine service of Mr. Yeo Gim Lam, our hearing aid acoustician with over 30 years of experience.

Watching his favourite TV programmes on CCTV 4 and Animal Planet at an acceptable volume and actively participating in family conversations while nursing a small glass of brandy after dinner are some of the immediate benefits of being aided. Mr. Cheng also wears his hearing aids everyday when he goes out for his daily morning and evening walks and is now able to localise environmental sound.

When asked what is his secret of a long life, he smiled and replied in Mandarin “learn to be contented and always be kind to others”.  

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