Our oldest client comes from Singapore


Our oldest client, who is a handsome 107 years old, can hear all his life again thanks to our KINDvitalo hearing aids.

Agnes Tan

I didn’t want a hearing aid but the staff at KIND allowed me to bring hearing aids home to try. They are patient and did not push me to buy and help me get adjusted to my new hearing. Now, I cannot imagine not wearing my hearing aids everyday. Thank you KIND.

Anna Chew

Been with KIND Hearing for almost a decade, it is the BEST ever choice I’ve ever made for myself. KIND Hearing completes me by bringing all sounds in the universe back to me. Hearing aids helped boost my self-confidence tremendously and enable me to perform my best on a professional level. My audiologist is not only a great listener, and empathetic to the concerns of his patients, he is also highly knowledgeable, trustworthy and always treat his patients just the way he wants to be treated. Without him, I'd still be struggling in my everyday routine. There was once, my left hearing aid speaker broke down. Immediately, I lost my balance while walking on the road. I gave a SOS call to my branch and they invited me to come to the clinic immediately to see my audiologist. He checked the hearing aids and replaced them for me. My life just got saved! Little gesture from this mighty team. I could not thank them enough. In KIND Hearing (based on my 10 years experience with them), I confidently say that they only offer/recommend what you need, not what they want to sell.

Pearlin Lim

I am a mother in my 40s and was born deaf. I love KIND HEARING and have been with them for many years. The team is very professional and patient in attending to all my hearing issues. Do not be afraid to try hearing aids if you have hearing loss. I am a happy and satisfied customer and have full confidence that KIND HEARING will take care of you as well.

Anthony Yeo Eng Sing

I am 77 years old with hearing loss for the last 15 years. So far, I’ve used 3 sets of hearing aids. I was not satisfied with the first 2 sets bought from a government hospital and another from a private hearing centre until I came to KIND Hearing after attending a seminar in 2017. I am extremely happy with the quarterly free servicing and my hearing has improved a lot! KIND is very attentive and always making improvement to my hearing comfort. Recently, they made me as special device to secure my hearing aids now that I have to wear a face mask. I strongly advise my fellow senior citizens to give hearing aid a try at KIND Hearing.

Shanon Yap

KIND Hearing provided an extremely caring and quality service both at my mother's initial hearing aid demonstration and after my purchase. I have no hesitation in awarding 5 stars and would recommend them for everyone looking for a solution for hearing loss.

Chee Leng Poh

I was asked to try wearing hearing aids by my children and dreaded the experience. However, my audiologist really put me at ease from the beginning of hearing assessment to trial, fitting and adjustment. KIND provide quarterly appointment for fine tuning and adjustment to my ever evolving hearing needs as I use my hearing aids every day. My audiologist and the team are professional, friendly and cheerful. I really recommend KIND based on my experience.

Mr. A. A.

We went to the KIND Hearing clinic on Orchard Road last year and were attended to by Dr Hiriya. We have never met anyone who is so patient and transparent especially with senior citizens who are hard of hearing. Hiriya conducted the audio tests and spent a great deal of time with my mom (75 years old) who had come to an audio clinic for the first time and was very sceptical about wearing any sort of device. Hiriya put her at ease in the first meeting itself and cleared all her doubts and concerns without pushing her to buy anything even for a minute. Finally my mom did decide to buy a device which she has been now using for more than a year very happily. This has made a huge difference to her quality of life and now she is wondering as to why didn't she buy the device sooner. She finds it extremely easy to use the device for normal hearing, taking phone calls as well as watching TV. The device Hiriya had recommended is fuss free and very easy for my mom to maintain on a daily basis. I would sincerely encourage families to at least try these out as an audio device through the right audiologist and clinic makes a huge huge difference. The KIND clinic also services the devices a number of times in a year as and when required including fine tuning to optimise the hearing based on individual needs. We have been there a few times after buying our device and it is an absolute pleasure dealing with people there.

Mr. Nor C. D.

I am extremely grateful to both Ms Jessica and Ms Erlin for listening to my concerns about my loss of hearing. They patiently reviewed my case and recommended me a hearing aid that has enabled me to carry on with my daily work and duties with ease. Ms Jessica was very thorough in her evaluation of my hearing. She conducted a comprehensive hearing test and asked me a lot of questions about my lifestyle and hearing needs. This helped her to identify the perfect hearing aid for me. I would highly recommend Ms Jessica and Ms Erlin to anyone who is considering getting a hearing aid. They are both knowledgeable, compassionate and patient.

Mr. Ricardo Ross

Excellent staff, excellent service. The audiologist, Ms. Ong, was ever so knowledgeable and helpful. She tested my hearing, explained my hearing profile, advised me on hearing aid options, tried different settings on the hearing aid to determine what works best for me, and allowed me to test it over a few days - all so that I could make an informed decision of what works best for me.

Ms Jasmine Koh

I have an enriching experience today at KIND Hearing clinic. Both Jessica (audiologist) and Erlin have been most helpful and friendly. Makes my trip there to check on my hearing ability worthwhile. Thank you so much ladies 🤗👏

Mr. P Cheong

I visited KIND Hearing@NUH to enquire about hearing aids as I suffered a hearing loss on my right ear. Erlin was very kind to promptly arrange a review by Jessica, the clinical audiologist, who was very patient in explaining to me the types of hearing aids available, after doing a hearing test. She offered and explained various alternatives besides conventional hearing aids, such as cochlea implants and CROS hearing aids. I definitely benefitted tremendously by her sharing. Thanks very much!!!

Toh Su Po

I wish to share with people who need hearing aids about my decision to purchase KIND Hearing Aid. After trying a few well known products & vendors, I chose KIND most importantly for hearing quality rather than other features which other products may have more.

Philip Wee

They are very professional and nothing was too much trouble for them. I have just upgraded my hearing aid and am totally happy with the service I get on every visit.

Catherine Ng

KIND hearing aids have helped me to hear better. It has improved my hearing in noisy environment. The customer service in KIND is top notch.

Ms A. A.

I met with Eliza for a consultation and she was very understanding and assuring. I have met with other audiologists and found Eliza to be kindness of all. I was assured that wearing hearing aids at 28yrs old will be beneficial especially for my work. When I first had them on, I was thrilled that I could hear the crispness of sounds again. Thank you KIND Hearing, Eliza and Jocelyn for being really nice!

Ngiam Tong Yuen

I have hearing loss for many years now. I’d like to recommend KIND HEARING as they have earned my confidence with their professionalism. The staff are always friendly and helpful. The hearing aid that I have is small, clear and comfortable. It is super discreet and my friends are not aware that I am wearing hearing aids. My audiologist really understand my needs! Thank you KIND!

Joanna Bielinski

I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received with KIND Hearing. The audiologist has a deep understanding of the patient's needs, and he has done a great job adjusting my hearing aid to my present hearing status. It was my first visit to the KIND Hearing, and I am sure that I will revisit them for the next service session.

Yvonne Ng

KIND Hearing @NUH Medical Centre has a team of friendly and accommodating staffs. Thank you Mr Yeo for being so patient and professional. Recently I purchased a new ear piece after given a trial period to test on. It was fantastic! Mr Yeo assured me I could go back to him anytime if I encounter any issue with it. I strongly encourage KIND if anyone has issue with their hearing aid or need to purchase one!

Caspian Family

Very good service from Mr Yeo and his colleague at the reception. Free service and advise to solve my mother in law's problem with her hearing aids even though we just there to buy hearing aids batteries. Wonderful experience and will put this shop as our go to store for any matters regarding hearing aids.

Patrick Chia

I have heard so much from friends that hearing aids have limited utility. Now that I have come to KIND, I begin to understand it is not volume level but frequency re-introduction that makes my hearing possible. I must say I took to the equipment like fish to the water. A lot also has to do with Eliza whose explanation is clear and precise. I must say She is patient too. I have no complaints except to have to learn how to handle the technological aspects to set the best results. All in all my experience is excellent.

Ms. Lim Jing-Yi

My grandmother has been seeing Mr Yeo for more than 5 years. He is very patient and professional. Good service by all staff at the clinic. Would definitely recommend this clinic!

Thomas Lew

Eliza, friendly, helpful. Her service is excellent. Would like to recommend her to my friends and relatives.

Lena Qua

Mr Yeo and Erlin made our visit very pleasant. We were there for my husband's defective hearing aid and Mr Yeo did the servicing for him without charging any fee. He's very professional and gave very good advice 👍. Both Mr Yeo and Erlin are very courteous and friendly. Erlin helps to slot in a last minute appointment for my husband.. appreciate it very much! Thanks so much!

Mr. Moses Tan

For the past ten years, I have been looking for a reliable hearing aid company that could serve the needs of my mother well. Her hearing has deteriorated progressively to a point where it was very difficult to engage in a proper conversation with her. Worse, because of her bad hearing condition, my mother cut herself off socially – even with family members – as she is painfully aware that she was imposing on others and causing others much difficulties during communication with her.

Over the past many years, I have not been able to find a reliable hearing aid company, even within the hospitals. Hearing aid requires numerous visits to adjust it. The person also needs to adapt to the adjustments each time. Plus, there is the psychological impact that the condition has on the person, causing much discouragement to the person that could even lead to depression. So, a VERY patient, understanding and sensitive audiologist is required to address the numerous needs of the hearing impaired person. I personally find that some of the hearing aid companies are just out to make a quick buck and their after-care services are very inadequate.

After many disappointments over the years and trying many different kinds of hearing aid, both expensive and cheap ones, I am personally discouraged too. Out of desperation in March 2023, I just brought my mother to KIND in the NUH Medical Center, not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know anything about KIND, just that it was there as I saw it when I ate at a nearby cafeteria.

My mother and I were very blessed to have finally found KIND. They put us at ease and conducted a test on my mother before showing us a range of hearing aid that was priced differently. They did not try to push us to buy the higher end ones, and we were left to make our own decisions with no pressure from them. We were offered a trial that was free before we made a final decision on the selection of the hearing aid.

Over the next few months, whenever an adjustment of the hearing aid is required, we could very easily and conveniently make an appointment, simply by texting for help. This is unlike the hospitals where just trying to get a hearing test done took us several months, and then there was also another very long wait-time to consult an audiologist to purchase a hearing aid. And each time my mother’s hearing aid required an adjustment, we had to wait for a few weeks to a month before we could see the audiologist, and at times, their services were not up to par because they had so many patients lined up to see them.

For KIND, we could very easily get an appointment. My mother was assigned to Jessica Ong, a clinical audiologist who would listen to my mother’s feedback before explaining to us what she was doing when adjusting the hearing aid. She is knowledgeable and very professional. She was super patient even though sometimes, we asked to consult her only one week after a previous appointment.

What is important is that my mother was comfortable going for the consultations as she wasn’t made to feel that she was troublesome. Jessica’s kindness to my mother is much appreciated. Things that my mother didn’t understand was explained to her even if she had to repeat herself on different visits. While it was difficult for my mother to understand certain technical details, Jessica was able to make it plain and easy for me. Her congenial personality and warmth are great.

Even the administrator, Erlin, was very efficient and always make us feel welcome when we go for consultations. She is very friendly and always wear a nice smile. She explains the details of payment very clearly. Erlin also ensures that my mother’s records are updated.

Overall, I am very happy with the services that KIND provides for us, and their professionalism is simply awesome!

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